We know where your house's buyer is

Selling a luxurious or high-value home can be a challenging process, but at Lazuli, we’re here to help you navigate it in a easy manner. We understand that each house we manage appeals to a selected few, which is why we take the time to learn about the unique qualities of each property and the reasons for selling.

Trust in those who care about you

Some houses are great investments that seek returns through increased value over time or a favorable market. We specialize in maximizing the value of these homes through our sales strategies, which help them stand out in the market and justify a higher selling price.

Other houses are homes where we’ve lived, watched our family grow, hosted gatherings, and enjoyed countless meals with friends. These are places filled with memories and emotions that make the decision to sell a difficult one. However, life changes, and so do our needs over time.

No matter your reason for selling, our first step is to get to know you, understand the real motive behind the sale, and define the objectives in terms of time and money. From there, we offer our knowledge and support to ensure the sales process is a smooth transition to your new endeavors.

Graham Torrin
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The team is brilliant. My apartment was sold (and completed) within 6 weeks from start to finish. A first class service was offered to me throughout the process such as feedback after every viewing and once an offer was agreed they guided me through the Spanish system every step of the way. My Spanish is basic, so the team was always on hand to help out with guidance and accompanied me to official meetings when required. I would recommend Dust & Sand if you are looking to sell your property in Sitges.
Chris Sandland
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Approximately 7 years ago when I was looking to purchase a house in Sitges, I was recommended by a friend who had used Lazuli. They offered excellent service and managed to locate an apartment for me on the sea front covering all my requirements. Their CEO is Mr. Jaume Domingo who takes a personal interest in all of his clients. Almost seven years later, I went back to this company to sell my house. Their efficiency and professionalism was excellent. Their service comes highly recommended.
Toni Junyent
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Todo muy profesional, como debería de ser siempre y desgraciadamente no lo es. Muy bien Natalia y Jaume. Agencia muy recomendable.

Our job is to maximize the value of your home.

We create the perfect package for your house.

A unique or high-value home requires specific actions to be sold. It’s crucial to use all available resources to make the property as attractive as possible in the market and generate interest from potential buyers.

We create a package for your home that makes it stand out from the rest. The presentation of the home in the market is of utmost importance, and we take attractive steps such as Home Staging to showcase the best version of your home, exceptional photography, professional promotional videos, and virtual tours for buyers worldwide to experience your property.

Live local, be global.

Our local and international influence ensures your home reaches the right audience with a presentation that adds value. We use technology to reach every corner of the world while also connecting with local individuals looking for high-end properties. Our team is multilingual, highly trained, experienced in living in different countries, and connected with high-profile individuals.

If you want to maximize the value of your home, you need to work with people who add value through their services.

Privacy is essential.

We manage private sales accessible only to highly qualified buyers.

The discerning buyer

Our clients have significant purchasing power and extensive knowledge of the business and market world. To make them feel comfortable when visiting a property, they need to know that their time is valued.

It’s vital to provide them with well-defined information, addressing their interests and offering complete transparency regarding the property’s documentation and status. If not, they may discard the property even if they like it, as they have many options and seek a transparent and comfortable process.

Our clients expect the best, and our way of working provides them with the security and confidence they need to begin the purchasing process. Transparency is key to the success of the sale.

Time is gold

Defining a sales strategy with a property owner requires mutual commitments and a deadline. This allows us to create an appropriate sales strategy and allocate the necessary resources to achieve our goals.

Staying on the market for too long is not ideal, so it’s important to make a value proposition for the property and measure results, adjusting the strategy if necessary.

Before showing the property to an interested party, we conduct a solvency assessment to ensure they are able to purchase the property.

Your home is unique; trust those who will execute an effective sales plan.


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