Hello, I'm Jaume Domingo.


Dust & Sand is the result of the growth of my company, which has been managing thousands of real estate transactions in Sitges and its surroundings since 2007. The growth of Grup Living has led us to face increasingly ambitious challenges, one of which is to provide excellent service to clients who want to buy or sell high-end homes.

My experience in the sector has shown me that many high-standard properties stay on the market longer than necessary. This causes a devaluation of the property as its sales strategy isn’t adequate.

For years, I have been analyzing this market segment and its behavior, identifying shortcomings and developing processes that are genuinely useful for selling these types of properties.

Another observation I have made is the difficulty foreign clients face when buying here; their experiences are often unpleasant and frustrating. I have created a system for international client attention and management that provides the security and necessary advice to ensure a pleasant and safe buying experience in our country.

Dust & Sand was created to provide solutions to the needs of the high-end market through the excellence of its services.

Real estate excellence at your service

Our efforts and ambitions focus on providing the highest level of excellence to our clients, putting all our knowledge and resources at their disposal. In this way, we ensure that buying or selling with us is a highly satisfactory and effective experience.


We are a local company that lives globally, connected with the entire world. We welcome national and international clients who aspire to enjoy our Mediterranean life to create a unique and tailor-made lifestyle for themselves.

We facilitate the search for your new home and accompany you in the process of adapting to your new lifestyle. Our working method offers comprehensive services to sellers and buyers, providing added value throughout our relationship.

We use the latest technology to make all processes more efficient and our team’s proximity to make our clients feel unique and always supported. Our work is based on professionalism, ethics, commitment, and passion.

Selling or buying a property with Dust & Sand is an experience that seeks excellence throughout the journey.


To be the reference for high-level homeowners who value personalized service and exquisite treatment. To have a company where high-level homes can be managed for sale along the entire Mediterranean coast and Balearic Islands.

To be the reference brand for international buyers who want to settle in our area and enjoy our Mediterranean lifestyle.

"Our team is our greatest achievement; each member is responsible for what they are best qualified for."

A trustworthy team


Jetza Alcázar


She is trained in administrative management, interior design, and advertising, she is the person who manages the purchase and sale processes for our clients.

Xavier Butí


With over 20 years in the real estate sector, he has extensive experience and a deep market knowledge.

Natalia Alcázar


Her extensive experience in the tourism sector has allowed her to develop professionally, surrounded by people from all over the world and the understand of their needs.

Adaia Matas


Her extensive experience on online and offline marketing makes us pioneers in sales and communication campaigns. Her knowledge guarantees that we reach the target audience for each campaign.

Justine Grebaut


20 years of experience in international real estate in France and Thailand. Specialized in luxury transactions.

Marta bosch badia
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Seguro que si existen RETOS, la venta de mi casa fue uno para Lazuli, y todo y con ello, Jaume y, su equipo al completo, nunca me lo hicieron sentir así. SON GENIALES. Quería vender pero “NO” necesitaba vender y NO quería mal vender. Por suerte y ¡tras haber tenido la propiedad en diversas agencias! al fin di con ellos. Me entendieron desde el primer momento y su trabajo y cercanía me transmitieron la tranquilidad que necesitaba. Lo dejé todo en sus manos, no me quedaba otra ya que yo resido a 10.000km de distancia. En esta venta, solo servía lo que “yo quería” (¡y no era poco!); COVID nos sacudió, las visitas no se podían hacer…. Ellos nunca se vinieron abajo y nunca me sentí abandonada, no existieron los problemas, solo las soluciones, grandes ganas de trabajar y grandes consejos. En definitiva, un equipo humano de lo más profesional. Se firmaron las Arras on-line, la tecnología y su equipo joven, emprendedores, con ganas de ayudar…. Lo que parecía un imposible se hizo realidad y se firmó la venta.
Silvia Rodriguez
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Confianza, profesionalidad y savoir -faire. Tres cualidades de Jaume y su equipo que demuestran, día a día, que es una de las mejores inmobiliarias de la zona. Conocen el mercado y la confianza que transmiten a la hora de mostrarte los diferentes productos, según tus necesidades, demuestran que no te están “vendiendo la moto”.
Dominique Lega
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¡Nos han atendido con mucha profesionalidad y proximidad, y dándonos seguridad! Era lo que necesitábamos para vender una casa que era muy especial para nosotros.


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